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Project "Masterfish, proof of taste!"

The Gac, in collaboration with the school canteens of Primary School in Imperia, had organized at the Infopoint days designed to discover the characteristics, the flavors and the properties of the fish. Ten meetings with a nutrition expert and two chefs working in the school canteen for the company SÉRIS in which students, teachers and parents have come to know and taste some local varieties of this food essential to our life.

"The initiative, - tells Mara Ferrero (Ist. G. Ruffini - responsible for monitoring) - it was time to promote the consumption of fresh caught local, and to raise the user regarding the differences between the various fish prepared overturning his set a injury rather than diffuse to the high cost of fish. In fact, it has been demonstrated that it is possible to prepare appetizing dishes also with fish so-called "poor", that has nothing to envy to the most expensive, because, while having a account definitely less salty, offers the same nutritional properties and the same benefits for our health."


"There are things that the fish gives to us, even if you do not see nor the we perceive with our senses: its nutritional properties."

Dr. Roberta Roggeri - Biologist nutritionist-foodstuff technologist
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Days of food education - Extra 1
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Is a fish seasonwhen because it has only 1 gram of fat for every hundred grams of fish.


He is also among the thin fish containing 2.4 grams of fat.

The proteins of these two fish, in fact, reach the 17 grams for the hake and 16.16 for the scabbard fish: a little less than those provided by the same portion of fi bed beef and mozzarella! The proteins of these fish also have a biological value high, equal to that of the flesh.

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