Our main goal is to promote and maintain the economic and social prosperity of our fishing zones in a range of projects including building a specially equipped area in the Oneglia port for the fish market in order to improve the forms of fish sales currently taking place on the quay.

We also intend to protect and increase employment in the fishing zone supporting social and economic diversification or re-organisation in an area currently experiencing socio-economic problems linked to changes in the fishing sector by means of activity promotion and support, establishing restaurant areas managed by fishermen and setting up partnerships and synergies with tourists.

Waste recycling areas have been set up to enhance the quality of the coast area and to raise awareness among fishermen of the need to salvage and manage waste at sea (nets and lines, etc.).

Specific action relates to removing waste lying on the seabed and mapping polluted areas with modern technology.

Tourist promotion activities involving extending boat trip programmes including in partnership with fishing tourism activities have been carried out. To encourage Italy wide and transnational co-operation between fishing zones, consolidating and setting up co-operation programmes to develop cross-sector activities in the fishing and tourism sectors, promotional activities targeting tourism, commercial and cultural exchanges between coastal and inland areas have been set up. The purpose of these is to facilitate the sharing of good practice and experiencein management and sustainable exploitation of the marine environment promoting tourist and culinary specialities packages for the development of fishing tourism.

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